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KonkR makes it easier than ever to share your daily fitness and sporting routines with your friends and followers. Post pictures and videos of your training, meals and supplements even share your playlists!
Take inspiration or be the inspiration.

core features



This feature allows you to subscribe to another KonkR user. You will receive push notifications when that user posts their workouts, meals or supplements so you can see their daily routine in real time.

Daily routine

Either take photos and videos through KonkR or upload them straight from your phone’s gallery. This allows you to showcase your daily routine to all your followers and subscribers.


Want to know what songs other users play to get them through their training sessions. NOW YOU CAN! Sync KonkR with your Spotify and share your playlist!

Easy to use

How it Works


MiMeals is a great way to share your daily meals and follow what other users are eating to stay healthy throughout the day, KonkR users have the option to upload upto eight meals a day, simply capture a picture or upload it from your gallery, share the ingredients and post away.


MiSupps enables you to upload and see how others incorporate supplements into their day, this involves an overview of when and how a user takes their Supps. Upload a photo of each supp, educate others or be educated on how taking supplements can help you reach your goals.


MiTraining is where you post everything that makes up your training. Upload videos or pictures showing your exercises and your training routine, This is a great way to follow the training of your favourite fitness and sporting icons as well as share your own routine!

Premium Subscription

KonkR is a free app! Although only our Premium members will be able to upload videos on the app, as well as an introductory video on their profiles. This is a great way to interact with your followers and grow your profile. There are even more benefits in the works for our premium members in the future. Premium membership is $6.99 a month and can be found within the settings section of the app.


Becoming a partner of KonkR allows you to place an advertisement in the partners section of our app. This is easily accessible by all users and is great exposure for your business within the world of fitness.


Social media is a huge platform for brands and the Konkr App is a great way to showcase your business.
If you are upcoming brand or an industry leader within Fitness, Health, Sports and are interested in becoming a partner with KonkR we would love to hear from you.



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